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Contact Person:Mr. Tiger Chen
Tel:+86-25-85563140 Ext:508

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Contact Person:Ms. Shirley Zhu
Tel:+86-25-85563140 Ext:529
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Jintung Petrochemical Corp., Ltd., a leading supplier of LAB, LAS and LABSNa for Chinese biodegradable detergents industry,is a joint venture between Jinling Petrochemical Corp., Ltd. and TAIWAN Hotung chemical corp., ltd.


Jintung Petrochemical Corp.,Ltd. was founded in 1993 and had been putting into operation since 1995, with advanced in-line DCS distributed control system and key equipment introduced abroad. Holding Linear Alkylbenzene capacity of 100,000 mt per year and Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonic Acid capacity of 24,000 mt per year.


Since founded , Jintung also had re-invested some new companies. They are Xiamen Jintung Synthetic Detergent corp., ltd, Sichuan Jintung Petrochemical Corp., Ltd., Sichuan Jintung Fine Chemical Corp, Ltd., and Anhui Jintung fine chemical Corp., Ltd. Which had been putted into production on Aug 6,2010, holding an annual production capacity of 30,000 mt SLES,40,000 mt LABSA respectively.


Additionally , Jinling Petrochemical Corp., Ltd. and TAIWAN Hotung chemical corp. had co-operated again to build a new LAB unit of annual capacity 100,000mt in Nanjing ,China. It is predicted that Jintung Group had occupied 30per LAB and 65per LAS products market, and total turnover is up to five billion RMB now.


Jintung Petrochemical Corp., Ltd always puts Quality and Service on top. It passed the ISO9001 Quality Insurance System in 2001,ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems in 2009.It had been awarded such as“Excellent Supplier”, ”Approved Supplier” ,etc from Unilever ,P&G and so on.

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